Seven Tips To Gain More USA Followers On Instagram

The Instagram market is getting bigger, and many brands don’t know how to get into the game. Opening an account is the easiest thing in the world, but how to get someone to see it? We bring you seven tracks to reach the users of this visual platform.

Instagram continues to gain followers and is a great opportunity for brands. But beyond the hashtag, almost nobody knows how to get the number of USA followers (and likes and shares) to rise.

Post At The Right Time

On average, the photos on Instagram have a life of about 4 hours. After this time, almost nobody will see them, because they have been buried at the end of a very long list of images.

If we post at a time when our followers are not online, we are wasting time. The typical Instagram user enters the social network in the afternoon, back from work. That time will vary according to the target audience of the brand. But you always have to take into account the habits of the audience.

Use Hashtags Without Abusing Them

They help us to have more visibility, and they are one of the most useful tools of Instagram. Some of the most used are #instadaily, #photooftheday, and #instagood.

Yes, many brands know it. But many brands only know this from the entire Instagram universe. That is why we constantly see examples of huge clouds of hashtags.

This is the opposite of professionalism. You have to use relevant hashtags, and only a few. People go to Instagram to see images, not endless lists of hashtags.

Make a Teaser

It is a good idea to let our users see the news before anyone else. Our followers are especially enthusiastic customers, very loyal to the brand. For them, these pre-releases are news to share. And they also serve to compensate them for their fidelity.

Show The Company From Within

Our followers do not want to see ads, but real images of the lifestyle offered by the brand. Instead of the perfect finishes that advertising offers, Instagram helps us feel close to brands.

It is the perfect platform to publish images of the company from within, of the employees, of the filming of an advertising campaign.

Not everything we publish serves to sell. We can also have fun with Instagram and get our followers to enjoy it with us.

Take Advantage Of Apps

The limited Instagram filters make all the images that end up on the social network practically the same. Apps help us stand out from the crowd with a different look.

Use The Video

Instagram micro-videos is an excellent opportunity to get the attention of users. They are useful for talking about product details and telling stories. The most important thing here is to entertain the audience.

Buy USA Instagram Followers

You can go to websites like BRSM.IO to get real USA Instagram followers. We recommend this to start you off on the right foot building your USA Instagram account.

Befriend Friends

Instagram has its own world of celebrities. Especially in the fashion and food sectors, it is worth knowing the influencers. These users have thousands of avid followers of information.

Just as some brands hire actors or athletes for their spots, we can contact these Instagram users to participate in our dissemination strategy. We can ask them to talk about our products or publish them for a day from our account. It is a quick way to get followers.

And if any of them publish something about us spontaneously, let’s not forget to thank them!